Welcome to my site. The site will consist of photos of my bicycle adventures as well as any blog that I wrote about my days adventure.

Biking  is one of my passions. I started biking when I was a child in Medford. Even though we lived at the TOP of big hills my sister Debbie and I biked all the time. During the summers we used to bike to the Stoneham pool which was 7 miles away. We had no gears on our bikes and we had coaster bakes. I never thought it as far ride and biking was just a way to get there.

My cousin, Tommy Pinkham had a road bike and I remember him telling me how he biked 100 miles all the way to New Hampshire and back and I asked him Why? He said it was fun but I just shook my head in disbelief that why would someone bike all that way when they could take a car ? Years later I remember hearing that he biked across the United States! Yikes, who would ever do that??

When my husband and I retired to Florida we joined the Coastal Cruisers a Bicycle Club. We showed up with 3 speed bikes with fat tires and we were in our shorts. Everyone gave us that look, of newcomers!!

But that was just the beginning and now I have a road bike and now people ask me Why do I ride across country? Because it is just so much fun!