March 15

March 15 – travel day- this morning we packed up and ate a delicious breakfast at The Ritual. We had the Spanakopia which was so good that we ordered the Montreal which was poached eggs with smoked salmon! Great find in Wanaka.
We headed to Queenstown and came across Bradona, a display put on by the New Zealand Breast cancer society. Its is a long fence where woman who have had breast cancer place their bras to raise awareness for the cause. There must have been over 2000 bras!
Getting to Queenstown is like going on Space Mountain at Disney. First you head up and up and up and when you reach the peak which seems like Mt Everest, you start to descend in an almost weightless vertical drop and you try not to go off the road with all the hairpin switchbacks where you try to turn your steering wheel to its limits to the far right and then the far left and of course the large RV that you meet in the middle of the hairpin turn going the other way!!! Yikes! Quite the rush!!!
Queenstown is a resort town nestled between very tall hills and located on lake Wakatipu.

Morning on Lake Wanaka
Kayaks on Lake Wanaka
Panoramic Queenstown

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