March 18 – afternoon- M.Y.Faith

This afternoon we took a cruise on Lake Te Anau aboard the M.Y. Faith (Motor Yacht) with her skipper Adam and First Mate Rebecca.  It is a motor sail yacht built in 1939 in England for a private owner and was appropriated by the British government for service in WW II but returned to its owner 2 years later.  It’s entire history, and how it made its way to New Zealand, is very interesting.  Let me say it involves Winston Churchill and leave it at that. If one looks carefully they can find the initials WC on the yacht!

Midway through the cruise we landed in a remote part of Fjordland National Park.  I should mention here that Fjordland is huge.  It is about 5% of New Zealand’s land mass or the size of Connecticut. Rebecca took us on a hike to Hidden Lake and on the way there and we saw and learned about the trees, ferns, birds and a particularly interesting plant called bracket fungi.  The top of the fungi is like smooth hardwood and can take on many creative shapes.

When we returned to Faith and got underway we helped hoist the sails for our return to port.  It was a special time with Adam and Rebecca.  One can tell they really enjoy what they do.

Dinner was at Ristorante Pizzeria Paradiso  

(Hey Frank and Dale we remembered) and it was really good!

Adam our captain
Unbelievable snack
Landing for a walk in Fjord land
Bracket Fungi
All rolled up
Guess who’s captain now?

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