March 24


Level 3 today – most restaurants closed for 4 weeks, Level 4 tomorrow night – no travel although if you have an airline ticket you can get out sometimes from a big city.
We fortunately went on the internet as soon as we heard the news and had booked an airline ticket out from Queenstown, NZ (last flight out of Queenstown)to Sydney, Australia and then east on various flights which keep canceling on us due to lockdowns in those states. But no worries. The airlines have been great at rebooking.
So feeling confident with having a ticket for tomorrow we drove to Moke Lake, a remote lake about 20 minutes out of Queenstown. You have to go over a very large winding hill with sheep grazing at different levels of the hill. Even with it being overcast it was a nice day trip and saw maybe one or two people from a distance.
After, we headed to Queenstown and walked through Queenstown Gardens and into its empty town where signs on stores say it all, “Stay home and stay safe!”
(By the way I have a kitchen in hotel/apt and we have been buying and cooking our own food which may be a chance we are both taking as I am not a very good cook!!)

Stay home, Stay safe!
On the way to Moke Lake- lots of sheep on hills!
Moke Lake
Out of commission
Wooden art
Queenstown Harbor
Wakatipu Lake, downtown Queenstown
Empty wharf
Empty wharf mall

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