March 25

March 25 – we had an afternoon flight so we went to downtown to Wakatipu Beach in Queenstown in the morning. Lots of pretty rocks and nobody around. We got to the airport at noon for a 3:20 flight as we couldn’t get seats booked on line and wanted to make sure we got on. Anyway, we were 8 in line and got our tickets with seats and headed to Sydney. It was the last flight out of Queenstown !! Whew!!
In Sydney we had a 3 hour layover . We couldn’t choose our seats on that long flight either but we lucked out with being in the middle 4 seater aisle which is Not good But the person didn’t show for one seat on the aisle side and the other aisle seat was a recent groom who was separated from his bride and he managed to switch seats to sit beside her! Woohoo! So , we had 4 seats to ourselves! So nice to stretch out!
We landed in Hawaii on the Last flight out of Sydney and it was the pilots last day as he was retiring after 30 years! So everything is closing down..
so it is still March 25 even though it’s been over 24 hours.. we crossed the international dateline.
So we decided to rent a car today and toured Hawaii..
Our next stretch will be to Chicago tonight…

Wakatipu, Queenstown
Arrow rock — this way!!
Rocks on a limb
Lovely Hawaii

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